Tous les produits Polar

The products from Polar Skate Co. are always something different. Wide baggy pants like the Polar Big Boy or 90’s jeans, striped long sleeves and accessories like hip bags, caps & socks always provide a good dose of 90’s flair. This can especially be seen in the brand’s cuts, designs and graphics.

Polar Skate Co.’s new collections are always a highlight of the season and ahead of the trend. Polar Skate Co. t-shirts and long sleeves with backprint are already true classics and surprise each season with creative designs and logo interpretations. The Swedish brand knows just how cold winter can get, so Polar Skate Co. offers fleece jackets, zip-sweaters, work and puffer jackets so you can still represent the 90s style even during cold seasons.

Polar is also one of the leading European skate brands and is committed to producing the majority of their products in Europe. That’s why almost all of the clothing by Polar have the label "Made in Europe".

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